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Thread: England's Call to Repeal Our Declaration of Independence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    ]We beat you Brits in 1776[/COLOR][/B]!" Just how many of you can trace your lineage back to those days ,
    I can , they didn't 'chuck tea' ,but they sure chucked some lead. My 10th great grandfather came over from Scotland in 1743. He was too old to fight but his 3 sons did. Some of that family branch fought under what would become another of our families forefathers (after several of our boys married into the Cleveland family). Benjamin Cleveland (17381806) was an American pioneer and soldier in North Carolina. He is best remembered for his service as a colonel in the North Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War, and in particular for his role in the American victory at the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780 .Our family has sent sons into every major war to this very day. My grandfather fought in France 1918 and my dad 'toured' Europe serving as a gunner in the 717th tank Bat/att to the 79th Infantry in Europe;

    Dad very much admired the British (but never had much good to say for the French).

    Thank you for your service to our country sir. It is much appreciated
    "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself."
    (George Washington)


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    brits are ok...

    yeah, the brits have always been there. it seems that i remember the Royal Navy sent surface ships to patrol american waters and to help defend the waterways off our coasts till we figured out WTF. and PM Blair's address to a joint session of cngress while the nation was in mourning and shocked by the nonsense of it all. i need to get a copy of that speech, but i remember him telling congress and the american people that " we were with you in the begining adwe shall be with you until the end". i remember that because everytime someting happenend somewhere, some kind of disaster, america trid to help those who could not and now we were attacked by a bunch of morons. who stepped up to the plate? well, alot of people did. including the british goverment and her people. i did notice the conspicuious absence of the french and the germans..... as far PM Brown's comments about The Declaration of Indepedence...... that matter has been settled. I AM A AMERICAN AND A TEXAN. I AM NOT , NOR WILL I EVER SUCCUMB TO GLOBALISM AND I WILL RESIST IT IN EVERY WAY THAT I CAN .

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    How soon they forget...

    Quote Originally Posted by boris View Post
    ..... as far PM Brown's comments about The Declaration of Indepedence...... that matter has been settled. I AM A AMERICAN AND A TEXAN. I AM NOT , NOR WILL I EVER SUCCUMB TO GLOBALISM AND I WILL RESIST IT IN EVERY WAY THAT I CAN .
    And then Toreskha said, "We need to remind Gordon that we settled this issue already."

    Hey Boris!
    I like your Texas attitude.
    Don't these guys remember the last can of whupass soup that we opened on them almost 250 years ago?
    Wasnt that about the time when they came over here so prim and proper and marched in a straight line while a group of rag-tag farmers with muskets hid behind trees, rocks and hills and picked 'em off one-by-one.
    Well, today us us rag-tag farmers are better equipped, and can hide better, too.:icon_biggrin:
    later - Sam
    Samurai - "...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Luke 22:36

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    Canis-Lupus,I agree with you.And I thank you for your service to our country.And I thank you for reminding us of some important history.I am reminded of an old saying,"those who do not study the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them."
    That being said,I say F**K Brown!
    We like being independant.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    Wink Lone-Star takes on Lime green pommies?

    Hmm, Samurai,
    The name given to the feudal fighting class of the Shogun's military, and a way of life both chivalrous and brutal; lotus blossoms and harikari for dishonor, very Jap-attack handle for a good old Texas lad!
    Bushido, literally meaning "Way of the Warrior"; the Samurai code of honor. Ironic that when the gun hit the Samurai culture of swords and bows it was deemed cowardly and dishonorable to even engage an enemy with such a crude weapon that didn't really come into it's own until the Japs went up against enemies like Russia and China who had no problems sending master swordsmen to their graves in-masse from a safe distance, and enlisted the help of the U.S. Army (and others) to help train the Imperial Army into which end went bang! I chose the more lowly survivor instincts and hunting skill of the creature that still hunts in the American wilderness to this day, and liked the scientific spin not the (sounds tough) 'Timber Wolf' :Image3: nom-de-guerre for this place, on USENET I'm 'Loner' which also fits into my life story somewhere. Nothing but handles but most say something of how you view yourself, or a nick-names others give you that stick, like famous Brit rocker Sting, born Gordon Matthew Sumner received the nickname Sting while a member of The Phoenix Jazzmen. Everyone in the band had a nickname. One day he came to a rehearsal in a striped yellow & black soccer sweater and the trombone player, Gordon Solomon, remarked that Sting looked like a bee. This led to him being called Sting, like anyone cares. I did some active duty military time in Texas, Ft. Sam Houston (the heart of MEDCOM) and Ft. Bliss, and I had my metal tested training in one of the crappiest ****-holes in America, bug-infested, hot and humid 12,000 acres just off Interstate Highway 10 called Camp Bullis, 'Camp Bull-****' for most who ever pitched a pup-tent over a nest of fire-ants. So I formed some opinions about the Lone Star state, got 3 or 4 good M8's living down there and left some great (pre-marital) memories along the river-walk in S.A. Now most good Texans remember the Alamo as a victory of sorts, a symbol for sure, well for Sam Houston the pay-back was fitting to Santa Ana, when he finally caught up with him. Tens of thousands of the newly formed state of Texas citizens wore gray [not the blue] during America's bloodiest conflict in it's warring history. In the early eighteen-thirties, the territory of Texas belonged to Mexico. Now they want a wall to keep those same Mexicans out, what would Wal-Mart do without cheap labor? Many Americans had moved to Texas, because they could buy a lot of land with little money. 28th state of these United States, admission to the Union on December 29, 1845. Less than 5 years later they chose sides and when the first mortar rounds hit Fort Sumter that leads me to my memories of my London school days when we were taught that owning slaves was a bad thing to do, even if our 'enlightenment' that no man shall be owned by another was relatively new when the British Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833, but we all know the American Civil War wasn't really about freeing the Negro :nietblij: who still had limited rights when our first troops landed in 'Nam in plenty of these United States!
    Civil War That's the facts I was learning long before I ever left Britannia.
    The Brits did lend much more than kind words of support to the losing side in that 4 year rumble, and this link is worth a read. I wish I were in Dixie, hurray...hoorah! :love2:
    The Alabama Claims, 1862-1872
    If you plan on going to live in another country, it really helps if you learn a small bit about what made that nation more desirable than the the one you left behind you with few fond memories of being poor, hungry all the time and bloody cold all winter.
    Just passing thru y'all.......

    Canis-Lupus :13:
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    my family has been here awhile they got kicked out of england by the tutors because they sided with the stewarts came here in the 1600s sided with the british later to fight the french and indians in the 1750s where i still live now and later fought against them at saratoga and won then again in 1812.dont think we should let them dictate now.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Yes, I can trace my family that far back. I've had relatives of european descent in North America since at least 1675, and can trace back to the early 1100s in used-to-be-Great Britain. My great-grandma's maiden name was Stewart.
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    They can have it when they can come and take it....

    And they give back the thousands of guns that were owned by the citizens of the United States they they donated for use in good faith to keep the Nazis at bay during WWII, and then they dumped in the Ocean!!!!
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century
    "Don't be so open minded that your brains fall out!" Father John Corapi.

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    I can trace mine back to a travelling German Lutheran preacher who rode a donkey around the counties and preached in Barns in 1751 in what was then the Virginia Colonies. 2 of his 7 sons, serve with Daniel Boone in the VA militia in the French/Indian wars and then in the Revolotion, all but 1 of 7 died. they eventualy moved into what is now Kentucky and West VA. Germans were pushed out just as much as the English, and we fought side by side. and we who are here now, should laugh at this arse hole and tell him where to go and Toreshka's picture was spot on.
    M1 Garand, Kimber Custom Carry II, Ruger P-95, Mossberg Persuader 12ga., Charles Daly 12ga(My gobbler gobbler)

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