A must have for all! The 511 Tactical Duty Kit!
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Thread: A must have for all! The 511 Tactical Duty Kit!

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    A must have for all! The 511 Tactical Duty Kit!

    The 511 Tactical Duty Kilt...... just watch the vid.
    LiveLeak.com - The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt

    Note: I have no vested interest in this Tactical Garment.

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    heheheh i like it ! i'd buy one and wear it too
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    I like it but I don't have the knees for it. Takes "going commando" to a whole new level.
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    I think I will pass too...
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    Men in kilts is becoming more common in the US, with lots of specialty kilts like the 511 Tactical Duty Kilt. Mountain Hardware makes a kilt for hiking/backpacking called the Elkommando. Once you've tried it on a hot day of hiking you'll never go back to packing your equipment in an unnatural way. Think about it, the most common source of infertility in men is tightie whities. We weren't made to vice grip our packages.

    I saw a post on a backpacking forum by a guy who said he had heard nothing but good things about hiking in a kilt and wanted to try it but his wife wouldn't let him. May someday she'll give his pair back to him and then he can start dressing himself.

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    You only live once. I'll take 3!!

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