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    When I was younger, I was seeing a girl for a while. When I met her dad, he asked if I wanted to see his gun collection. I surprised him when I gave him a pretty enthusiastic "sure!". I guess around here, dads consider that a threat. Where I grew up, it was a compliment, because it meant he trusted you enough to handle his guns.

    Reminds me of the story my cousin told me. She was out (I think at a wedding) and some guy was hitting on her. Her older brother walked up, put a hand on his shoulder and said "have you ever dug a really big hole?". A little while later her other brother asked "You ever been cut?". Apparently, that guy didn't stick around long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montanagyrene View Post
    Several years ago, my wife told me I was NOT going to be cleaning a firearm, OR sharpening a knife, when our daughter started dating...I haven't asked recently, but after watching several stories on the news, she MAY have changed her mind!! However, if she HASN'T changed her mind, I've got two or three backup plans, and the ONLY one that knows what they are is ME, becuse if she DOESN'T know what I'm up to until AFTER the fact, she CAN'T request that I NOT do them!!
    You wife...she is not reading your posts in this forum, does she? Now I am really dying to know what two or three backup plans you have...please tell us....
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    Sharpening a whole display of knives is also an effective choice if you've already tried cleaning your firearms in front of a gentleman caller.

    There's nothing wrong in putting a little fire under someone's arse to keep them on the track of the straight and narrow.
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