Photos of Cannibal Victim‘s ’Eaten’ Face Emerge: ‘Unbelievably Horrifying’
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Thread: Photos of Cannibal Victim‘s ’Eaten’ Face Emerge: ‘Unbelievably Horrifying’

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    Arrow Photos of Cannibal Victim‘s ’Eaten’ Face Emerge: ‘Unbelievably Horrifying’

    If you want to see the pictures of the victims horrific injuries, read the article to find the links to the photos.

    I still say that this is probably a hate crime, maybe drug induced, but still a hate crime i.m.h.o.
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  3. Wow thats nasty!

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    I'm glad I have a strong stomach.

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    i don't think it was a hate crime but it was a gruesome and bizarre crime nontheless
    i doubt the guy being out of his mind of 'bath salts' even knew what color the guy was or even thought he was a person at all... being he ate the dudes face
    he was prolly trippin' ballz on that bath salt stuff and prolly hungry from muchies from smoking pot too and thought it was a hamburger or something
    or he could have been trippin that he was a ferocious lion eating some wild prey even
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  6. Hate crime or ate crime? Either way, not a pretty picture.

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    yup lolz sure gives a new meaning to the term 'getting eaten out'
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    Just remember, "they are out there."

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    'the zombies have arrived'
    perhaps i should invest in some hornady spelling? ammo
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    Horrific and the surveillance video piece that the major news organizations cared to share showed the victim kicking while he was being chewed on. Sounds like the guy that did this had prior run-ins with the law and they suspect he had used "bath salts" prior to his assault. Never saw that the 'bath salts' might be the instigator for the Zombie Apocalypse. I had always heard radioactive fallout from a crashing satellite, viral strain hybrid or genetic mutation. Lock and Load, Double Taps and Head Shots for all!
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    I am having troubles understanding how this poor guy got to this condition if he was alive in the first place. Was he drugged up as well? Just doesn't make sense

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