Massive Sinkhole Widening in Southeast Texas Town
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Thread: Massive Sinkhole Widening in Southeast Texas Town

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    Massive Sinkhole Widening in Southeast Texas Town

    We have this massive sinkhole here in Texas and it is getting bigger. Check out the picture. Then I got to thinking, as big as this is it is really nothing compared to the rat hole in D.C. that is sucking in our tax dollars.,2933,354501,00.html

    DAISETTA, Texas A massive sinkhole, which has swallowed up oil field equipment and some vehicles, continued to grow Wednesday just outside the southeast Texas community of Daisetta.

    However, there were no reports of injuries or of any homes being damaged, officials said.

    "Right now we're not concerned about any kind of explosion or any kind of hazard," said Tom Branch, coordinator of the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management. "We are monitoring some other things around the area to make sure everyone's OK."

    Click here for photos.

    Television news footage showed a tractor, some oil field equipment and some telephone poles falling into the sinkhole as it grew near Daisetta, which has a population of around 1,000 and is located about 60 miles northeast of Houston.

    Mary Credeur, a dispatcher with the Daisetta Police Department, said Texas Highway 770 was closed to traffic and vehicles were being diverted to Texas Highway 834.

    "We're just going to shut the road down and see how big it gets. Hopefully it will stop," Branch said.

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    Texas Sinkhole The sinkhole was believed to be at least 600 feet long and 150 feet deep.

    "It's a huge hole in the ground and it's still cracking," Credeur said.

    Officials are trying to determine what prompted the sinkhole near the Liberty County community. But its history as a once booming oil town might be to blame.

    Officials say the ground might have caved in because of the collapse of an old salt dome where oil brine and natural gas are stored underground. Daisetta sits on a salt dome, one of the most common types of traps for oil.
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    For some reason I always knew Texas would go down first. Just kidding. That's pretty scary. I hope you are no where near it.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    saw that on the news... pretty messed up
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    There are layers of salt between layers of shale, limestone and sandstone. This salt was deposited millions of years ago, as the result of the evaporation of salt water.

    the weight of the overlying rock squeezes the salt like toothpaste in a tube, and the salt flows laterally until it forms a large blob that forces its way up and bends the overlying rock, forming a salt dome.

    If fresh water finds a way to this salt dome, it can dissolve the salt and leave behind a cavity. the loss of the supporting salt would allow the overlying rocks to collapse into the vacated area, thus creating the sink hole.

    the ultimate size of the sink hole will be controlled by how big the salt dome was and how much of it has been removed by solution creating the cavity.

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