Saturday, a very tragic day.
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Thread: Saturday, a very tragic day.

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    Saturday, a very tragic day.

    I'll try t keep this short.

    Our closest neighbors are a couple (late 40's) about 1/4 mile up the road. They're very nice, fun. We had dinner together many times and the wives are good friends. We've lived near each other for 22 years. Yesterday afternoon I was in the barn tinkering when my wife came in. She told me four police cars just flew up our road with lights on. They stopped at the neighbor's. She's close freinds with the wife so she decided to walk up and make sure all was OK. Within minutes she called me, very upset, and told me to get up there now! When I arrived I found her consoling the couples daughter. They were standing there alone. There were five police cars and all the police were in the house. My wife looked stunned. She told me that her friend just committed suicide a few minutes ago. A former LEO officer who sustained a career-ending injury, she had shot herself in the head with her service weapon. She was lying on the floor of the bedroom, deceased. The husband had just left to run errands and her daughter arrived to visit mom, finding her dead. She was hysterical outside.

    Police taped-off the scene. The usual parties arrived... coroner, CSI truck, state police homicide detectives. Her husband arrived a few minutes later and was told what happened. He collapsed in my arms sobbing. He was inconsolable. We stayed with them outside the house for hours while police questioned everyone and did their thing. We finally got to bed about 3:00 AM. My neighbor couldn't remain in his home last night, the police were there until this morning finishing-up the investigation.

    I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. Never saw this coming. She was a vibrant, beautiful girl in her mid forties with two beatiful, grown kids. They owned a magnificent, large country estate from the 1820's that was decorated with period antiques. The most beautiful gardens, stone walls and walkways meander through the grounds. Like my wife and I, they were young retirees and were living an ideal life. She was an avid gardner. They had just paid-off the house and had a nice future ahead of them. When I had cardiac surgery she cooked so many meals and deserts for me, visiting nearly everyday.

    My wife is inconsolable this morning. I'm trying to get her to sleep-in and get some rest. She can't understand why her friend did this. Why didn't she call for help, we were right down the street. She waited for her husband to leave and did this shortly after. I first met Ruth in 1982. I was a young computer science adjunct instructor at the State University - SUNY Orange. She was my student. A cute little 19-year-old who sat in the front row. Years later when my neighbor introduced her as his new wife I was surprised. She had grown into a very nice young lady.

    My heart is very heavy this morning. We lost a good friend and her family is devastated. There seems to be no reason for this. We saw them Friday at the grocery store and she was full of jokes and smiles. Only God knows the pain she must have been suffering. They had a good marriage.

    Please send prayers on this Fathers day to our wonderful friend, Ruth.

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    The two biggest causes of off duty but in the line deaths of LEOs are suicide and heart attack. Sometimes, LEOs can't talk about their problems openly. I'm sorry you and your wife have lost such a dear friend. My condolences to the widower and his family as well.

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    awww sorry you lost your friend that way. my condolences and sympathy to all affected by this shocking news
    sometimes one just never can tell who has the suicidal blues
    or what went on in their minds that prompted suicide to choose
    i've had a few friends commit suicide, one with a gun 2 others with drugs........sad we live in a culture that drives some to suicidal acts.....we need to reach out to people esp the troubled ......although more often than not suicidal peeps hide their emotions very well and thus not known till it's already too late
    best wishes
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    Condolences for the loss, hopefully there's a note for the kids/husband so they have some possible sense of closure/understanding.

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    Very sorry to hear about your loss.

  7. Condolences for their loss and the loss of your friend as well
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    What a tragic story...I'm so sorry to read this. Prayers with you all.

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    so sorry for your loss :( I know this will hurt you both for quite a while and my heart goes out to you and your neighbors

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    Your family and hers are in our thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately, words can never be enough.
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    Very sorry for the loss of your friend and her family's loss also.

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