Story from a friend in South Texas
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Thread: Story from a friend in South Texas

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    Story from a friend in South Texas

    While hiking down along the border this morning, I saw a Muslim extremist fall into the Rio Grande River. He was struggling to stay afloat because of all the guns and bombs he was carrying.

    Along with him was a Mexican who was also struggling to stay afloat because of the large backpack of drugs that was strapped to his back.

    If they didn't get help, they'd surely drown.

    Being a responsible Texan and abiding by the law to help those in distress, I informed the El Paso County Sheriff 's Office and Homeland Security.

    It is now 4 PM, both have drowned, and neither authority has responded.

    I'm starting to think I wasted two stamps.

  3. What a shame now they're going to have to be killed a second time. The Mexican drug runner will be killed again by the Cartel for failing in his mission. and the Muslim by the timer that was implanted in his body to go off once he was in the crowded airport terminal. lol

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    That is funny i needed a good laugh today, thanks

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    Hey they will fight over the 72virgins. ( all related to the mexican)
    When liberals run out of other people's right to infridge upon, how many will give up theirs?

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    Good story, I needed a laugh right about now.

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