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Thread: How do you store your handguns?

  1. Careful of the cases!!!

    I've seen alot of guns ruined by storing them in cases with foam in the lining. Most foam rubber or foam lined material is processed with steam to form the little bubbles that make the foam material. As it ages the bubbles will break open and moisture contacts the gun. If the gun stays in the foam a while, it will rust. I've seen guys open there cases to an orange gun.
    Wipe them down and store them openly in your safe. If you have to store it in a foam case (hard or soft case) check it regularly. I even take an old bedsheet, rip it into squares big enough to wrap over the gun, and spray it with a little Rust Prevent, Sheath (now called "Barricade") or Break-Free, I then put the wrapped gun into the case. I say when using a case, get cloth or sheepskin (fuzzy) lining.
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    It's not my policy to disclose my security arrangements on a public forum.

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    All of my firearms are in a safe except for the one holstered on my side.

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    I am kinda with ISHI on this one..I once posted a picture of all my weapons in a certian way in a certain place on a forum once and after abt one minute of feeling uncomfortable, I deleted the post...I will say that when not on me, they are not in a holster.
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    Talking We Have A Winner!

    1911 Bubba--just the information I was seeking! I'll move to the silicon impregnated socks. Thanks!

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    Either in my safe or with me.

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    I store mine on open racks in a gun cabinet. Everything I've been told says not to store them in the original boxes (something about the foam collecting moisture). I also keep mini dehumidifiers in each cabinet. I've been doing this for a long time and have not had any problems with rust.

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    Gun storage

    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    I grew up on a farm where all the guns were always loaded and ready, all the time. Funny how we somehow never killed one another. I always felt that was an acceptable policy, and I adopt it still. Kids are grown now, but they always knew that there were guns in the house, that they were loaded, and that they weren't toys. They were trained as soon as, and for as long as, they expressed an interest. Never a problem.

    Currently, guns are loaded, ready and accessible at a moment's notice. The ones that are 'stored' are not that far away, either.

    I pretty much feel as you do. My everday carry guns and several others are in various places where I can lay my hands on them quickly. The rest are in a gun safe.
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    The place I store mine in is loaded w/ a BUTT-LOAD of those silicone packets. Everythime I run across one, I pocket it and throw them in w/ my cameras, guns, or whatever else. Knock on wood, no problem yet.
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    Loaded and at strategic locations. ;)

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