How do you store your handguns?
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Thread: How do you store your handguns?

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    Question How do you store your handguns?

    Just curious as to how you guys/gals store your handguns. I currently store them in the cases that came with them when I bought them. One dealer told me to store them in an old sock. Any suggestions and the logic behind it? Of course, they are all in a safe and there is not much humidity in my area.

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    Actually, I was just about to purchase a new "fireproof" safe this week. A friend on mine convinced me that in addition to firearms and munitions the need for a fireproof safe is invaluable. His house burned down while on vacation with family. Only weeks before he had placed photos and list of all things of value in his home into his newly purchased "fireproof" safe.

    While his losses were being tallied by the insurance company as minimum value, he was able to produce the documentation that he had placed in his safe weeks earlier and recovered the majority of his losses:D.

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    Most of mine are in the box they came in on a self in a bedroom. Not the best way to store them but we have no kids yet (and noone is ever here that is not firearm proficent). I do of course have one or two by the bed. We are planing on adding on to the house one day, then I am going to get a safe.

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    They are in the safe when not in use. The one that I carry (when I can, I am just a victim in Illinois) is in the nightstand when not in use.
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    The ones I am not carrying are in my gun closet in their holster. My daughter, mom, and sister were coming to visit me so I put a lock on a closet door and converted it into my gun closet. It's not as good as a fireproof safe and won't stop a bugler but should at least stop curious hands when they are in the house.

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    My one and only handgun sits in the nightstand when I'm at home, and comes with me when I leave.

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    I grew up on a farm where all the guns were always loaded and ready, all the time. Funny how we somehow never killed one another. I always felt that was an acceptable policy, and I adopt it still. Kids are grown now, but they always knew that there were guns in the house, that they were loaded, and that they weren't toys. They were trained as soon as, and for as long as, they expressed an interest. Never a problem.

    Currently, guns are loaded, ready and accessible at a moment's notice. The ones that are 'stored' are not that far away, either.
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    I keep all but my carry and well placed home defense weapons in three large and one small gun safe. I ran out of room a while back and I'm in the market for another large safe.:)
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    Home defense/carry guns are readily at hand, our practice .22's in a well concealed lockbox.

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    Some are in safes,others are stashed in drawers,shotty by my bed,one in my pocket and 1 in a holster for when I leave the house.

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