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Thread: please please tell me this is not a scam to get my address!

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    yes it's awesome and good when something like this happens i trust it to be real now where as at first i was skeptical being i didn't remember entering the contest and we all know you don't win a contest you never entered. but it's real i'm 99,9999 sure of it and it should be in the mail this week i'll let you know when i get it then i probably won't be on line much because i'll be reading for a while..................

    just winning this book tells me not to give up trying to get my ccwp as i just got a letter today from the permit department calling me on a record i got all because a brutal bully with a badge cop lied on a report to justify falsely arresting me and that happened 30 years ago to but none the less followed me through my life causing me to lose opportunities i had with the post office and other jobs in the court reporting field and almost a few other jobs too amongst other humiliating costly grief and suffering caused by being stripped searched and thrown into a smelly jail for a night and day pain and anguish i've endured all because some a'hole cop had to play devils advocate abuse an innocent woman create a bogus reason to cover his brutal bullying just to take me to jail to try and prove he was a man @30 years ago! and because i trusted the system i didn't even resist when he said he needed to arrest me.. i never been arrested before an i know i didn't do anything wrong and i figured it would be like tv go in talk to a supervisor calmly explain what happened and he would send me home but oh no that was NOT at all what happened......i could write a book just on that experience alone...and now those lies from that officers mouth is biting me still! with delaying and maybe denying my right to conceal carry another right i may be denied on top of all the other grief that dang record caused me through the years. raising a child as a single mom was tough enough but to have some bs like that hinder me all those years was so unjust and so unnecessary....... i want to expunge the record but it's going to cost some big bucks out of my pocket and my god how much should i have to pay already because a cop lied for his job security and or brownie points???????.....if true and real justice were done they would never stuck those bogus charges on me trying to suppress and oppress women is what the system is about. sorry for the rant but that letter brought up a lot of sad and painful memories and it hurts as i sit with tears here as i replay all i endured revolving around that blasted bad cops actions......i feel it all over again like the first time in my mind.......justice to me would be a nice lump sum of the money i could have made had i got that post office job and retirement i could have had i know spilled milk but i need time to wipe it all up all over again....that record never should have stuck and tarnished my name all these years it should be erased been erased years ago.....and an apology from that cop for his very bad behaviour and his lies to cover it would really make my day but...... but i doubt he could even give a concern with how his lies cost me so much through the years.........hopefully on his way to hell he will have to answer to his destructive devious deeds and pay for them dearly he prolly couldn't have handled walking in my shoes the corrupted he made my life a living hell throughout the years and now again as that bogus arrest is biting my ass now. my god 30 fricken years anytime i want to better myself that record has kicked me back grrrrrrrrrrrr ok sorry but i just had to get that off my chest i can't stop smmfh over the injustice perpetrated upon me that all started with an officers lies.
    i was always taught to respect the cops as i was told they were public servants and here to help people if they needed help and i've seen in my younger day doing just that.or so it seemed... but after that incident i never really trusted a cop or the system in general for it let me down in so many ways. and as i grew i realized that corruption goes deeper than most can even begin to imagine and far far back in history it began and growing like a weed..and infiltrated every fabric of our society's up to us we need to stop this merry go round and stand up for our ground, reverse the damage......dang i could write a book .
    please please tell me this is not a scam to get my address!-lionfacepalm.jpg
    at first i cried
    then i shook my head in total disbelief when i heard they lied
    then a face palm with a long sigh
    soon this will pass and again hold my head up high
    the time is nigh
    guess i should sleep on it and figure out my next move here trying to get this bs behind me wished i done it long time passing but being single mom working all the time i didn't have time the know how or the trust to try to clear my name or the knowledge to fight for my rights or the money to hire lawyers and the system knew that
    and used it to keep me down
    slaving for their town
    don't matter if you red white or brown
    never trust the circus clown
    or their partners all dressed in pretty gown
    it us slaves who bought and paid for their crown
    but i won't let them hold me down
    ok don't mind me i just needed to journal... it helps the hurt in my soul when this comes back to town....
    the wounded warrior
    peace i'll cp this and put together the pieces and perhaps one day i'll have written my own book based on my lifes ups and downs... walking in my own boots which is why i mostly barefoot lolz peace out i need some rest
    as this day has gotten my best
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    ps that officer's name is ion dana guarino if any of you know him tell him i have no respect for what he done that night he behaved very inhumanely and lied to cover his mistakes and more
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    hey that book arrived today !!!!!!!!!!!! michael even signed it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thumbed through it and can't wait to begin to read it which i'm going to do shortly it looks informative on a broad spectrum ......hip hip hurray i'm going to spend the remainder of my day immersed in a great book written by a knowledgeable caring kind and generous man to have made his book available to me at no charge .........out of the kindness of his heart ...
    really nice now that's the kind of peeps i'm talking about
    thank you for being you michael martin!!!!!!!!!!!!! kudos to you and lucky lucky me to have been chosen to receive your generous gift again you have made my day! ok time to read thanks to your good deed
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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