What a Lovely Family
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    What a Lovely Family

    I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children.
    She didn't have to get all ticked off and threaten to blow me up. It was an honest mistake....

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    heheh i bought an outfit like that online when i heard they may make em illegal......i put it on and knocked at my neighbors door ( i knew he didn't have a gun in the house or i never would have tried to pull that stunt there he prolly would have blown me away) i really freaked them out we still laugh about it to this day .....i also bought the white outfit as shown in the pic i like that one it's really comfortable actually i don't wear the hood part up on my head though with the white prayer outfit ...but the black burqua is great and you can conceal anyting under it just about rotflmao..and it can also cover the eyes as well but you can still see out...i drove to a drum circle in that black burqua one day and the neighbors on the corner caught me driving with it on and rubbernecked me all the way down the road rotflmao i don't know them being they new to the hood and around the corner but after that they prolly don't want to know me heheh......i'm going to wear the black one next halloween heheh with cool feather mask and black gloves with a gaudy ring over one of the fingers.....i can go through dearborn and no one would know the difference

    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    You can really hide allot of things under those Outfits.
    Ieds, Handguns, Granades, Knifes, Clubs, Rifles, Chemical Sprays,
    Tire Irons, Extra Food, Extra Water, Medications, the list goes on,and on.

    But yet, Our Lovely Government, and Law Enforcement are more concerned on hassling the lone Legally Armed Citizens of this Country.

    When was the last time anyone ever seen the Men,or Women wearing these outfits being detained, or Searched. Think about it.
    I could Arm myself to the tee wearing one of those, But I probably would'nt make it 3 blocks before I was detained for Suspicious Person.

    Unless It was my Natural Clothes to WEAR. :-(

  5. When you come to America your "natural clothes to wear" are t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.....Assimilate or leave ...

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