Fox News caught subliminally advertising McCain
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Thread: Fox News caught subliminally advertising McCain

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    Fox News caught subliminally advertising McCain

    A Fox News intro flashes an image of John McCain for a few milliseconds.
    Watch the video.
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    Subliminal advertising doesn't really work that well, and the situations that it does work in does not include this. If this was an attempt at that, then it won't work. It was probably either put in there by some fruit loop, or an accident.

    However, I support McCain anyway and intend to vote for him.
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    yeah I don't really know if I can see this actually helping him get more votes...
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    Yup, it’s there. Was it done on purpose?? I doubt it. Anybody that has worked with digital media knows that, if done properly, a subliminal message is not going to be flashed slow enough to be recognized by the conscious mind. And in this “digital age” it is just inconceivable that anybody with any level of expertise would do that poor of a job.

    The unfortunate thing is that it will most likely end up hurting him rather than helping.

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    I don't think it was deliberate.And I couldn't even recognize who it was,so it wouldn't have worked anyway.But I DO think that chick reporter is hot .
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