zombie frenzy in Florida
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Thread: zombie frenzy in Florida

  1. zombie frenzy in Florida

    Why is that the state that all these crazy stories are coming out . People eating each other left and right . Better buy some guns people

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    I think it's the heat down there, it makes them crazy.
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  4. zombie frenzy in Florida

    Lol that could be . Just can't believe the stuff I read online

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    it's been record heat in many other areas way hotter than our temps now triple digits in washington and other states but not florida so i don't blame it on the heat here. but we do have our share of nuts here no doubt
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    I love Florida, zombies & all.

    Awesome mix of cultures where I'm at..I love the different music, foods and traditions.

    plus no helmet laws, fireworks are legal, killer weather..and cops don't seem to hassle you as much as other places I've lived.

    It's worth the occasional zombie..lol

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    Hey, Zombies have to eat too.....
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Tripletap View Post
    Hey, Zombies have to eat too.....
    Made the end of the night better . Well they can snack all they want in florida because if it' starts down there. I will have enough time to get out lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by justxboxin View Post
    Lol that could be . Just can't believe the stuff I read online
    Nor should you.......

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    ....I live in Miami and i call it Zombieland now...the crime rate is up bigtime...they just had a drive by 8 streets from me and this is considered a good neighborhood......my choice..to move with all the hassels or stand my ground an give em hell...go ahead make my day...im ready....LOL..!!

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    ...Its all true pal..i came from up north when i came down here to live i got a education...i carry to be safe...and i dont wear the bling to make me a target...but if trouble finds me...its their funeral...i wont hesitate to send em to hell..!!

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