Sen. Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor
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Thread: Sen. Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

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    Question Sen. Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

    I don't like to see this happen to anyone, even Kennedy. I will have to say though after reading some of the comments below, "Are we talking about the same Ted Kennedy?

    Sen. Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor - Health News Story - KXAS | Dallas

    He's helped millions and millions of people in so many ways at so many different times -- from the biggest of the legislation on the floor to the most personal when he would call you and help arrange a discussion.

    Everyone knows what a big heart this fellow has," Kerry said. "Everyone needs to pull for him."

    Laura and I are concerned to learn of our friend Sen. Kennedy's diagnosis," Bush said in a statement. "Ted Kennedy is a man of tremendous courage, remarkable strength and powerful spirit.
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    I gotta say it...I know it's distasteful, but everyone here is thinking the same thing:

    I always knew there was something wrong with his brain!
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    I'm certain he'll get the best treatment political favoritism, abuse of power, and money can provide.

    Here's hoping he retires from the Senate!:39:
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    Can't say that the news saddens me.....

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    I'm not sorry he won't be returning to congress, but I truly hate to hear this for him.

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    not a fun thing to have to deal with... but if that's what it takes to get him out...
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I wish he would pass already.
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