Android App Issues.
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Thread: Android App Issues.

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    Android App Issues.

    Anybody with an Android having these issues with the USA Carry app?

    When it first opens it gives me the "invalid api signature" prompt. After I close that window 7 times (and yes, it's 7 every time), it was usually fine and I could go and play. Now, after getting and closing those prompts, it force closes.

    Anyone else sharing this frustration with me?
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    same problem

    Yes I am having the same problem on my phone and tablet, both android

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    Yes, the android and mobile version of USAcarry is a little less to be desired. Although I don't have log in issues, I can't upload or edit pics. I pretty much can't do anything that I could do in a PC version. All I can do is look and comment and update my profile in some areas. When USAcarry first offerd the app and the mobile version the was at least a link that I could switch it to desktop version, which worked fine in my phone. I'm thinking we should let Luke know and see if this can be fixed.

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    He already knows and is working on it...this is the third thread on it.
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    I don't have the App but use Tapatalk to access the site on my Droid. Is there a difference between the two? If the app is just to access the forums, I have zero problems with Tapatalk..

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