would like information on email: Genesis 47:13-27
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Thread: would like information on email: Genesis 47:13-27

  1. would like information on email: Genesis 47:13-27

    Good Morning,
    I was wondering if anyone here had an idea where this Pastor preaches at and what his name may be.. I have a brother who is asking some questions about the email.. Actually, I love God and my brother is Gay, and just is so confused.. I don't agree with how he lives his life, but it is his choice, I love him dearly but he came back with questions as: What is the Pastors name and such.. He doesn't believe that this actually happened.. I guess I am not sure Either... so that is why I searched out here.. If anyone can confer that this email is true and it was really a sermon I would Love for someone to give me where and when this took place..
    Thanks and God Bless,

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    I tracked down that reference from a Virginia pastor using Genesis 47:13-27 during a sermon and I found that it has been recycled as a new article several times since 2009, but I can not find any actual originating article. My instincts tell me that the entire article was a fabrication and that someone simply attributed to a pastor at a predominantly black Virginia church to lend credibility to their story.

    If the alleged sermon resonated with you then that is great, if you disagreed with it then that is your right as well and equally as great.

    I would like to leave you with the following bible versus on the subject of helping the poor since so many want to pervert the bible

    "During the seventh year, let the land lie unplowed and unused. Then the poor among your people may get food from it, and the wild animals may eat what they leave. Do the same with your vineyard and your olive grove." Exodus 23:11

    "If one of your countrymen becomes poor and sells some of his property, his nearest relative is to come and redeem what his countryman has sold. . . . If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you,
    help him as you would an alien or a temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you. . . . If one of your countrymen becomes poor among you and sells himself to you, do not make him work as a slave." Leviticus 25:25, 35, 39

    "If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother." Deuteronomy 15:7

    "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9

    "He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich both come to poverty." Proverbs 22:16

    "Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court." Proverbs 22:22

    "A ruler who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain that leaves no crops." Proverbs 28:3

    "He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses." Proverbs 28:27

    I could keep going, but I think that I made my point. Those among us who deny help to those in need are making their own destiny. We all can give a little more then we do now to help our fellow Americans, especially those who are at the top.

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    All that you can do is pray for your brother.
    His personal sins are between him and his Maker, no one else.

    At the end of the day, only God can be his Judge.
    Until then be kind to and love your brother daily as you should.
    Fascist's are Magicians...They can make our Property, our Freedom's & even our Children 'Disappear'.

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    Please mote that all these passages deal with personal responsibility. None of them even remotely hint at allowing the government to assume that responsibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue-eyes2615 View Post
    I love God and my brother is Gay
    What does Genesis 47:13-27 have to do with anything homosexual?
    In America today, it's considered worse to judge evil than to do evil. Never let these Christophobic Liberal Progressive Purveyors of Infanticide & Homosexual Perversion who always manipulate truth to be hate speech set the terms in a debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick246 View Post
    Please mote that all these passages deal with personal responsibility. None of them even remotely hint at allowing the government to assume that responsibility.
    Which is the purpose of the email, to link personal responsibility to the government.

    Every study done for the purpose of determining who gives most to charity shows that liberals as a group give nearly nothing to charity. "How can that be?" you might ask.

    If you have ever wondered why rich liberals appear to have no problems in paying more taxes, there is a simple reason....they see government as the best charity. They want government to take care of the sheeple from cradle to grave, of course to have complete control over us. They are willing to pay for this, and seldom give even 1% of their earnings to charity. (what did I see the other day that Biden gave....like $400 out of his $300K salary?)

    A poor person in America has a 15 year old car, a 10 year old TV, and gets as much as $25K/year value in benefits from the government.

    A poor person in most of the rest of the world decides which child has to starve to death because they can't support all of them.
    "I don't think that a society that encourages over a million abortions a year....a society that kills out of convenience, i.e., Jack Kevorkian, can not have consequences." --Rush Limbaugh

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