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    Wow Oldgrunt, what a find! Very inspirational young lady, who, by the way, is now 17. There's some great stuff on her on YouTube, and her personal website includes works up to current-day. Here's a Seattle Public Television interview with her that is interesting.

    Thanks for posting Oldgrunt. I have a couple of very well-known artists in my family, one of them, Jon Gnagy, was the first "educational TV" teacher. He was a very accomplished artist, but his first love was teaching art. One of his specialties was teaching a concept he called, "The art of seeing color." He found that most of his students' biggest obstacles to becoming the best artist they could be was how difficult it was for them to see subtle differences in color, which he used snow scenes and cloud scenes and, like Akiane, fantasy-type of scenes that just came out of his mind to teach "the art of seeing color."

    Here's a Playlist of some of his TV series from the 50s and 60s.

    Uncle Jonnie would've loved Akiane. He would've picked her brain for as long as she could stand him, and gladly have become the student to her teaching. Listening to her just reminded me so much of him. Thanks for the nostalgia, Brother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dusted View Post
    nice language, "tripletap", fyi i DID like it, and there was nothing in my post that said otherwise. so seriously, go **** yourself :)
    Classless response. Would you ask Mary Todd Lincoln "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you like the play?"

    Grunt, I read the book 90 Minutes In Heaven. This entire subject is fascinating and the girl is very talented. Uplifting. Thanks for posting it.

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    Wow, that's some talent.

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