Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death
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Thread: Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death

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    Angry Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death

    I hesitated posting this because it is so sick. How do you "not" stop someone doing this? I'm sorry but I know enough martial arts, not an expert you understand, that I would have stopped him. A very hard blow to the throat will stop it when he no longer can breath. How evil can anyone be to do something like this. This is an example of the kind of animals that are loose on our streets. If anyone wants to know why I carry everywhere and eneryday it is because of monsters like this. You never know when you may come face to face with them.

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    That's crazy. Sounds like people tried to stop him, but they didn't try hard enough. Maybe he was on PCP or something.
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    Sounds like time for a citizens arrest!

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    animals like this

    need to be ,um, dealt with quickly. this reminds me of the little girl who was found dead in a box that was hooked by a fisherman in galveston.in texas, we generally stop these bastards when we can . and usually, permanently. as it should be.

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    In Florida one can use lethal force to stop a forcible felony or if the life of a third party is threatened. I'd always said that I'd have to know the situation and be 120% sure before I stepped in and put my freedom and financial situation on the line for someone I didn't know. But in this case I wouldn't have had to think twice.
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    sick SOB! he will have to answer to God for that one. he deserves to burn in hell for that one... how can someone be so SICK!
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    I have two little boys, ages 1 and 3 and this tears me up. Even working in an ER and seeing some of the horrible stuff people do to each other doesn't soften this one. I can't believe most of those bystanders just stood there and gawked. I'm not one to nose into other people's business most of the time, but how could you not intervene? Even if I wasn't carrying at the time, I'm sure there would be many other improvised weapons available (rocks, sticks, fists). Just another example of why I jump through all the hoops to keep my permit. That little guy will be in my prayers. I'm going to go hug my boys now.
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    No CC here in Hawaii, so if it happened here my crow bar to the back of his head would have to do.

    I'm glad that the sicko was put down by police so he'll never be able to hurt another child.

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  10. My God, what's this world coming to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Sounds like time for a citizens arrest!
    More likely, a citizen's arrest, booking, and sending straight to his maker. I don't know about other states, but in FL a shooting by a private person would have been allowed in this situation.

    This is really bizarre though. Who does this - to anyone, much less to a baby?
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