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Thread: Has anyone seen less than $4/gallon gas lately?

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    3.83 when I filled up this morning. Louisville (150 miles) and Lexington (80 miles) are 4.29. Seems like the cities are ripping folks off in KY. It's the same gas. Used to be only a ten cent difference, and that was because of local taxes.

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    $3.79 a Gallon for unleaded 87 octane in southwest Missouri near Springfield.
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    Over $4 everywhere in Jacksonville unless you buy it from "some guy".
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  5. It was $3.92 when I filled up the other day in Orlando
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    $3.75 at Sam's Club in Greenville SC.
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    I am still getting $3.85 a gallon over here in costal Georgia. I have a small truck and it cost me $65 to fill up today

  8. there's a station by me that has $3.86...full service too

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    although the price of crude is down it hit 4.25 here in Michigan

  10. $3.899/Gal. here in Piedmont NC. We have the highest gasoline taxes of any of the surrounding states.

  11. $405 here in Archer.

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