How much time to clean your handguns?
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Thread: How much time to clean your handguns?

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    Talking How much time to clean your handguns?

    My sons and friends kid me about how I take 1.5 to 2 hours to clean each handgun before putting it back in storage. I have more then a few and I practice weekly on the range and like to cycle through them so it may be three or four months before I'll shoot a particular handgun again. They're spotless and look almost new by the time I get done. Am I normal????

  3. Well, Hoplites1234, I'm not going to comment on the "normal" questions, but in my personal experience, if I spend 1/2 hour on a handgun, that's more than normal.

    I'd say 15 minutes allows a great cleaning and lubing for me.

    But.........that said, if you ever have one for sale, please let me know!!! :D
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    I take about 30 minutes to clean a handgun and about 20 minutes to clean a rifle. If my life depended on the rifle like it does the handgun the times would be reversed. I just ordered a bore snake for my 9mm. Maybe that will speed up my cleaning time alittle.
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    I guess it depends on what I have done with the handgun. If I am cleaning my carry gun and have not fired it since last cleaning, just getting the lint bunnies out only requires about 5-10 minutes with compressed air and a little lube.

    If I am cleaning them post firing, I like to spend about 30 minutes to clean them. I also like the boresnake and refuse to use a cleaning rod (with all the damage that it can do to a barrel). The boresnake is small and can be stored in a small ziploc or run through the dishwasher to clean. I also use Q-tips, a toothbrush, and a small plastic blade tool (doesn't scratch metal finishes).

    I think a couple hours is excessive, but then again it's hard to tell proficiency levels and how far the gun is broken down. I also notice that it takes me a lot longer to clean my guns when I am watching a movie at the same time :D
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    CLEAN them? You're supposed to CLEAN them?
    I thought the bullets kept the chamber clean!!!

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  7. For pistols I'll probably spend a good 45 minutes. I get razzed for taking so long by my friends. Whether it one round or one hundred rounds - same thing to me. But yes when we compare pistols that we've had for a couple years, you will really appreciate the effort put in.
    My rifles are another thing! Most of mine are competition or precision and a
    1 1/2 hour cleaning job is my normal time. I know some High Master Class High Power Rifle shooters that baby their rifles even more that I do. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    CLEAN them? You're supposed to CLEAN them?
    I thought the bullets kept the chamber clean!!!

    Yup, the bullets push the dirt out.

  9. I take my time and it takes me about 30 mins per gun.

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    Depends on the gun.
    Some have many more parts than others.
    A revolver doesn't take as long.
    Got a Remington 1100 that I just bought and so far it is in day five of cleaning, of course that includes cleaning the stock down to bare wood, and the action down to bare metal.
    Woops got carried away that's refinishing not cleaning.:D
    However long it takes, my wife thinks it to be too long.:D
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    I spend 15 to 20 minutes per. What exactly are you doing Hoplites1234? Are you detail stripping them each time or just scrubbing really thoroughly?

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