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    Thanks DrLewall.

  3. What'd I tell 'ya? Look at the flood of posts in just a couple of days!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG E View Post

    Well I am new here and just hit the "new members"section. Sent out a few welcomes and I have to say that I feel a little funny. I am new here as well and I am welcoming you to the board? HMMM

    I am a member of another board where welcoming is commonplace, but I have been on the other board for awhile... just feels a little funny.

    don't worry, we'll go slow with ya:)
    You can run, But you only get caught tired

  5. Quote Originally Posted by big dog View Post
    don't worry, we'll go slow with ya:)
    Oh that was days ago.:) I am broke in now.:D
    Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!

    -- Theodore Roosevelt --

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    Quote Originally Posted by raytracer View Post
    You didn't eat the tater salad did you? That's been sitting in the sun all day.

    I have a feeling this is going to be one of the "blue chip" gun sites soon - don't know what makes me say it, but see if I'm not right in a few months.

    I've been on all of them for several years, but this'll be one of the first where I got in on the ground floor as it were.

    For me, that funny feeling is like when you walk into a brand new church or school or restaurant while the paint is still wet and the carpet still makes your eyes water. It's empty and quiet and seems huge, but before you know it, it'll be noisy and crowded and full of energy. And there will be footprints on the carpet, crayon marks on the wall, and that weird smell in the corner that could be either last week's lunch special or Uncle Fred.

    In other words, home.


    Good analogy Joe. This site is going to fill a great need for information on all of the states.

    The quality of members will make this site take off and become loaded with the information we need to travel across state lines and stay legal.


  7. So we are charter members?!

    Don't I feel special...

    I really am excited about being here at the early stages and hope to participate and enjoy the direction this forum takes. I like it so far. :D

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    Cool I'll tell ya....

    this is a fantastic place to ask questions and get honest answers from people, and to answer questions and help people with with their skills and. not to sound overly dramatic or anything, but to give folks info/intel that could save their lives or the lives of those they care about.

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    Cool Me too, me too!

    This is the first site that I've been in from near the start up. It is rather foggy when you go on an established site and many of the people are very familiar with each other and you don't have a clue of what people are talking about. But I think joining that Eskimo fishing site was a mistake in retrospect:D. This site has been very enlighting for me, getting a wealth of knowledge and experience all at one stop shopping.

  10. The only fear I have is who is hear from (big brother) looking to see who all the weird ones are. You know people what wear kilts,carry guns,stockepile ammo and food.
    Oh and pray. we can't have this.

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    From what i have seen,most sites do well as long as people remain respectfull to others and remember that no one has all the answers and that opinions are just that,opinions and everyone has them.I feel that everyone no matter how experienced can add something to any conversation and everyone counts.Usually if this happens,most forums become places people look forward to visiting and a place to start some great friendships or just find information you might be looking for or to add for others.From what i`ve seen in my short time here,it seems to be all of the above.Just my two cents.

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