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    If you could have any gun as your carry gun, damn the price and full speed ahead, what would it be?

    Me, HK USP45 Full Size Tactical W/ Tritium Night Sights

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    The one I am carrying now. HK P2000 SK LEM, 9mm with Tritium Night Sights.
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    I'd use what I trust. The Kimber Ultra CDP I carry now.

    I know it's not glamorous, or hi-tech, but it works and I know it will work so I carry it without worry.

    A lot of this kind of discussion comes down to personal choice. I've carried a 1911 of some type for over 30 years. It's what I've got years of experience with, I know how it works and why, so I find myself most comfortable with it.
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    I'd stay with my current ones. Kimber Ultra Carry as primary and S&W Sigma SW9F as my alternate.

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    Kimber Pro carry with Tritum night sights. Gkock 27 and keitec 32.

  7. Wilson Combat Professional Elite in .45 cal
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    I'm torn between a Kimber Ultra CDP and the Springfield Armory EMP....

    Okay, if I have to choose just one, it would be the SA EMP.

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    Well, if open carry were my primary mode of carry I'd want something that looks good, so I would probably go with a 1911. For concealed carry, I'd stick with what I have now, a Glock 22.

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    Like U Mine is a HK USP .45 one of the best, reliable, n accurate .45ACP's out of the box

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