DHS can search/sieze laptops, cell phones etc
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Thread: DHS can search/sieze laptops, cell phones etc

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    DHS can search/sieze laptops, cell phones etc

    Just read a revealing article in PC WORLD about 'Border Agents' ability to search and confiscate our electronic devices WITHOUT probable cause. Reading the article would make you think it would only be if you are travelig internationally, but, after reading the actual carefully worded document, it would seem to also apply to any ICE agent, and to inland checkpoints. It would appear that anything that might be illegal can be shared with any government agency, foreign,state, or local.

    This could conceiveably apply to any encrypted files, or pirated software, favorite urls, pictures, etc.

    To read the actual Government pdf file, click on the highlighted word 'document' in the story.

    Article: PC World - Business Center: US Border Agency Says It Can Seize Laptops
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    Orwell's Big Brother would be right at home in a society that allowed such extreme invasions of personal privacy.

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    I used to think we were losing our freedoms little by little but I think any more their loss is on the fast track.
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