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    trolls,otherwise known as forum hemmoroids,should be removed before they can grow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC40 View Post
    trolls,otherwise known as forum hemmoroids,should be removed before they can grow.
    Amen! I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    It's easy to take care of Trolls and Spammers! Just click on the Red triangle with a ! in the middle. It's located at the top right of each post. It works!
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    Trolls? Troll badges? PDO? This is the first site I've been actively involved with and I guess that means I've been living under a rock or is it a desert sun scorching my brain out of my head for the past 30 years. Oh well, but my next post, I believe gets me to senior member. And as we all know when you reach senior member everyone else on the site sends you a box of cartridges. Don't worry about the caliber or mm they're all good.

  6. I'm waiting for one from you. Do trolls have beards? I do think if we got to anel it would not be fun. Most post play out or move to something more interesting.

  7. "Well Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore"! :p

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

  8. I did'nt lie now did eye

    Branded a troll way back, dawned that yellow banner from day one but it was nice to post without everything vanishing in a flash.

    Why not go ahead a block me out now as I offend so much?

    Here I've done nothing wrong ?????????????

    Some of you tickle me, I just wonder who you where in your former self or better yet how many log in names you held in PDO world?

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