Some of you may or may not have seen the video of the 59 year old woman who was brutally mugged by a sorry piece of worthless trash, but this horrible person has been caught by "The Internet".

Here's a link to the video -

On Tuesday, CCTV footage of the mugging was uploaded to the Internet, and readers over at Gawker went to work! They studied the video and noticed the Fraternityís letters, Alpha Phi Delta, as well as a Pledge name, ĎStugots.í After searching throughout the Facebooks and the Googles, they were able to identify the mugger as a Mr. Aidan Folan, a 21-year-old Brooklyn resident.

Gawker readers were also able to identify the carabiner and the purple bracelet Folan wore in both the video and his more recent Facebook photos. No word yet from the NYPD on whether or not Folan was taken into custody.

Lesson here kids: donít mug people, or if you do, donít wear clothing with your name on it!
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