This is a perfect example of failure to have situational awareness! You must always be cognitively aware! This video is an example of how you get killed in a parking lot, this is how you let your guard down and a thug takes advantage of it.

You MUST train!! Training removes your brainís tendency to overlook things out of the ordinary. It may sound stupid, but I have a plan for walking to my truck to go home and I have done it so many times that it is second nature. I take my seatbelt off the same way every time! I do this in a way that I can reach my weapon and not be tangled in the belt. I look in the window reflection every time before I reach for the truck door handle to make sure that no one is behind me.

It is just little small distractions that cause your brain to miss dangerous situations. Think about how you do things and take notice of the way you do them now and you will find a whole list of things that put you in danger, especially in familiar environments! You are most susceptible to danger in familiar environments!! Itís not ďcrazyĒ, itís not paranoia, itís the world we live in today and your survival depends on your awareness!!