Breaking News That Never Broke
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    Breaking News That Never Broke

    You all heard about the armed intruder at a secure nuclear facility that got into a shootout with security at the facility right? No, I am not talking about something that happened overseas, I am talking about something that happened right here at home, in Tennessee to be precise. And no, this is not decades old news either, it happened just last week.

    Why is this not all over the national news? One would think an armed attack at a secure nuclear facility is newsworthy, right? I sure as hell do! The repeated lack of reporting of actual newsworthy incidents like this make me seriously concerned about their complicity in keeping the American people in the dark.

    Read More:
    Shots fired at Tennessee nuclear plant, mainstream media silent - Arlington Conservative |
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    Thanks for the post!
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    That's the idea. Let them feel safe until you can further your agenda.

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    I hadn't heard this from any source! Thanks for the Heads Up.

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    My Oldest son works Nuke security. He is part of an Adversary team that travels a bit and tries to break into the plants. This was obviously not their team.
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    Think that's bad, how about protestors getting right up to a nuke facility.

    The Prophets of Oak Ridge | Style | Washington Post (In the Syle section, no less)

    Long read, here's the pertinent parts extracted by a buddy of mine.

    Note: these are paraphrased extracts from a 14-chapter article

    1. In the wee hours of Saturday, June 28th 2012, an 82-year old nun, a drifter and a house painter, all three peace activists, penetrated one of the most secure nuclear weapons facilities in the U.S.

    2. Sister Megan Gillespie Rice, drifter Michael Robin Walli, age 63 and house painter Gregory Irwin Boertje-Obed, age 57, made their way up a long, steep incline through the woods in the dark and reached the outside security fence protecting the Y12 Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility (HEUMF) which houses an estimated 400 tons of it, enough to fuel 10,000 nuclear bombs, more than needed to end civilization many times over. What sort of people are they?

    - Sister Megan is adamant about never harming any living thing and vowed that she would not even raise a hand in self-defense if attacked by guard dogs.

    - Gregory is so meek in demeanor that it is hard to imagine him wielding any cutlery, much less a bolt cutter.

    - Michael, extremely intelligent, sometimes departs on tirades about the anti-Christ.

    3. After a nearly 2-hour hike in the dark, they crossed the 2-lane perimeter patrol road and came to the first of three 8-foot high chain-link fences with 3 lines of barbed wire on top, part of the facility's hugely expensive "Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment System." The house painter cut the fence and opened a wide flap; the nun went through first.

    4. The three then stood in a moat of white rocks between the 1st and 2d fence, the area lit up as bright as daylight. They were surprised that nobody was racing to arrest them.

    The 2d fence was clearly wired and they didn't know for what. Motion? Electricity? Greg began cutting links in this fence, also severing fiber-optic cables. They all crawled through the opening and continued to the inner fence where they also cut open a flap and crawled through. Now there was nothing between them and their target.

    5. They spray painted the building's north wall "THE FRUIT OF JUSTICE IS PEACE," "PLOWSHARES PLEASE ISAIAH," and "WOE TO AN EMPIRE OF BLOOD."

    6. Kirk Garland, a career security guard with a perfect record, four years from retirement, was into his last two hours of a night shift (4am to 6am) when a three-second tone came over his radio - a low-priority alarm which was cleared by another officer in short order. Then his cell phone rang. "We keep resetting this alarm and it keeps bouncing back. Something is not right in zone 63," said his supervising lieutenant. Kirk was dispatched to zone 63 where he arrived in less than 3 minutes and pulled up to the fence. Walking toward him were three people with their hands in the air. "Peace Protesters," he said to himself. He told his lieutenant over the phone that he had three individuals who appear to have breached the system and written graffiti all over the walls. The lieutenant thought he was kidding. "I'm just telling you what I've got and I need backup."

    7. Five minutes later, another guard with an M-16 arrived while the three sang "This Little Light of Mine." It took two more hours for DOE agents to arrive and arrest the three.

    8. The security cameras that monitored zone 63 had been out of service for six months. There were 56 broken security systems around Y12, seven broken security cameras around the HEUMF building and an average of 2,170 false alarms each day, many caused by wildlife, weather and foliage. The company contracted for security was due a multi-million dollar bonus before the intrusion.

    9. Two weeks after the incident, security guard Kirk Garland was fired for not drawing his weapon and dealing more aggressively with the intruders. Kirk said there was no reason for him to un-holster his gun, that it was unsafe for one man to attempt to cuff three people, that a "patrol team" should have been dispatched to zone 63 with so many alarms going off and that he had previously dealt with peace protesters at Rocky Flats and knew that they were not dangerous.

    10. Kirk Garland is the only employee to be fired since the incident. His supervising lieutenant got a slap on the wrist. Some top managers were allowed to retire. Four federal officials with security oversight jobs were reassigned. Leaders of the guard force either retired or were reassigned. The contractor lost $12.2 million of its award incentive and the same firms, with different partners, have bid on a new 10-year security contract worth $23 billion. Yes "billion," that's not a typo. Kirk Garland lost his retirement and has a car repairman dogging him for $1K that he can't pay.

    11. Nine months later, the three went to trial for "maliciously attempting to destroy a structure within the Y12 National Security Complex."

    12. If real terrorists had the nearly half hour of unfettered access to the HEUMF, they could have blown into the building with an explosive penetrator and potentially set off a 10 kiloton detonation that would cause an estimated 60,000 casualties and radiation would have sickened people over a 40 mile radius.
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    Blame the only one who was responsible enough to check? The nun makes me wonder....where the F were the dogs?

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    Sounds like Marcinkos Red Cell. That would be an awesome job.

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    If the guard had shot the trio, would he have been promoted? Would that have been aggressive enough and easier to explain?

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    I recall seeing a short, like 30 second spot on this not long ago, but it never got mentioned again. Anybody believe we're not being tested? It seems like the incidence of these activities is picking up. "Nothing to see here folks, news at 6!"

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