UPDATE 4-Texas responder to fertilizer blast arrested on pipe bomb charge | Reuters

UPDATE: West first responder arrested, Texas Rangers launch criminal investigation into West plant explosion | KETK | East Texas News, Weather and Sports | Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville

“Bryce Reed, 31, appeared at federal court in Waco, Texas, on Friday, where he faced one count of unlawfully possessing an unregistered destructive device. He did not enter a plea, said Daryl Fields, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in the Western District of Texas.
Local police said there was no known connection between Reed's charges and the April 17 explosion that killed 14 people and injured about 200 others.”
Were the coincidental occurrences of West, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts really coincidental or planned? Was Boston committed to distract from the planned explosion in West to cover up the theft of large quantities of ammonia nitrate fertilizer that they needed for a larger event or events later?

Up to this point BATFE has not shown publicly any interest in the West, Texas incident other than the fact that it occurred. Maybe now that they are investigating the connection between the arrest of the first responder with pipe bomb making skills and supplies they will look for a more sinister connection to the West, Texas explosion. A cause for the fire would be really great right now, something to lead us in the right direction if it were not an accident.

I hope that my thinking is all just so much Tin Hat BS, that this was all just some terrible tragic accident, that even the first responder has no connection to the event.

Given that we have so many of these kinds of fertilizer plants around the country, I am surprised someone who really wanted to plan a large event never thought of creating such an incident like West, Texas to cover up the theft of large quantities of fertilizer to use as explosives.

The sales is regulated so much it is crazy, the outright theft would be noticeable and draw too much attention, but the theft and destruction of the balance of inventory reads like a good spy thriller. As they say “truth is stranger than fiction”, so any interest that could determine beyond doubt that there was nothing sinister would be a relief to us all.