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And what would you say if they were white chemical engineers? Should they still be dragged into a room and beaten? For as much as the Constitution is trumpeted around here (as it should be) some of you are way to quick to abandon your ideals when it suits your needs. Could they be terrorists? Yes. And it should be followed up on, with watch lists, investigations, etc. Should they be dragged into a room and beaten for trespassing? Idk, I seem to recall reading something about due process..

Torturing a confession out of somebody? So much for learning from history.
Oh please.....Get off of your politically correct 'high horse'.

Do you want to know why Terrorists have a hard time killing innocent civilians in Israel?
Because of 'Racial Profiling'...That's why!

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck....It's probably a Duck!
Even a child can figure that out!
Quack Quack!

But to further answer your question,
Would I condone beating the truth (if necessary) out of 'white' chemical engineers caught trespassing in the dead of night near the water supply of a populated city?
I think that in this day and age and in this case the answer would probably be, 'Yes'...
They were clearly up to no good and needed to be completely interrogated imvho.