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    If i was in your shoes i would have a good reason to buy a new toy. Nightvision scope. Always wanted one. Lol. Well it would sound like a good reason in my head. But the financial advisory department of the old lady would say different. Lol
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    I had a temporary problem with a few last summer. They would come in and beat up my puppy (which is now a big tall black lab) before tipping over the garbage cans and chewing through the bungees holding the lids on. On night, I camped out on the 2nd floor deck and waited with the 12 ga. Lost a garbage can in the process and got two of them and the dog got to chew on the remains of his aggressors. They sure do make a mess. I had garbage strewn over an acre of back yard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debray View Post
    Coons got into the pen and killed three of our Guinea Fowl last Fall so I set live traps baited with sardines.
    Caught 3, popped them in the head with a 22 end of story.

    By the way coon is good eating, roast basted with brown sugar and onions, or par boil, flour and fry.
    But you HAVE to remove EVERY musk gland. If you miss even one, it is pretty much inedible. Cleaned correctly, I prefer raccoon over all small game.

    I too have never heard of raccoons eating fowl. But there are far too many other things for them to eat here.
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    I have ducks and chickens, in their own building and one Raccoon can and will break in killing every bird in the barn in a single evening....

    So I went to Tractor Supply and bought 2 mid size live traps, put a small tin bowel in the back with some cheap dried cat food in it.

    One in the barn, one outside it... Do not put the traps within 24" of anything that can be moved or do not want destroyed!!

    During last summers peak I trapped up to two each night, for several weeks during peak, one a week in the off....

    Which I immediately inoculated with Mr H&R Raccoon cure. Yes I hit triple digits on my last years catch, and am at 5 so far this, ya know after doing this for the last 8 years one would think they would be easing up, the damn things must breed like sewer rats!!
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