Donít throw away your old cell phone
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Thread: Donít throw away your old cell phone

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    Donít throw away your old cell phone

    I thought I would pass this along, donít throw away your old cell phones, even though you donít have a cell phone plan for the phone, that cell phone can still call 911 as long as itís charged. This is a federal law that any cell phone even though itís not connected to a cell phone plan itís still able to call 911. Put your old cell phone in a place that you can get to quickly in case of an emergency.
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    Or let kids play with them because they can still make 911 calls.
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    You could also sell it... If you have a smart phone chances are there is a good market for it on eBay, I sold a Nokia lumia 900 with a broken screen for $120 bucks a couple weeks ago.... A two year old iPhone for $100 and my HTC Aria for $140 I don't quite no why people buy second hand smartphones that are 1+ years old but they do. If you need a 911 phone you could probably just go buy a gophone and never put service on it or buy a crappy phone off eBay.

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