Just a walk on the beach with Obama and Reggie Love
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Thread: Just a walk on the beach with Obama and Reggie Love

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    Just a walk on the beach with Obama and Reggie Love

    Oh how "special".....the fact its not common knowledge around the world Barack Hussein Obama was born a homosexual who followed his heart and what he gets off on, tells much about how in the dark his supporters remain....

    Obama and Reggie Love vacationing - The Black Sphere :: The Black Sphere
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    The current occupier of the White House is more crooked than Nixon, and less competent than Carter. The way this administration is running down this nation worries me enough, I don't have time to worry about how gay he may be.

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    He's increased the debt to stratospheric proportions, is likely involved in a cover-up of what REALLY happened in Benghazi, and likely ordered the IRS to slow up the application process for conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, and THIS is what you focus on? Who cares?

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