Happy Fathers Day
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    Happy Fathers Day

    Thanks Dad

    For fixing my bicycle, go kart, motorcycle even though you were tired because of working at the shop and cutting stones, setting rings or casting gold

    For teaching us to have fun with little things like a comb and wax paper musical instrument

    For making us a kite with the paper the dry cleaners use to wrap clothes in

    For singing with us because the radio wouldn’t work in your old Ford

    For causing laughter on Sunday rides by finding hills to go down and getting everyone to yell “Get ready”!

    For bringing water mellow to the swimming hole and keeping it cold in the water until it was time to eat

    For cooking for us while Mom was visiting her Mother, Even if we hated what you cooked!

    For telling me what it was like when you grew up and always reminding us how hard it was

    For always having just enough money for ice cream

    For taking me on Sunday morning to Bryson’s restaurant to eat breakfast with you

    For teaching a little cursing was acceptable, when working on a Ford, cutting a difficult stone or mowing the hellish banks beside the house in Franklin

    For showing us how to love animals, especially dogs and cats because they loved you back. And for telling us there is something wrong with a person who mistreats an animal. They can’t be trusted. You were right. Still are.

    For telling us it is ok to kiss a puppy on the lips and tell it how wonderful it is because it is a beautiful thing to have a puppy love you.

    For showing us how live with honor courage and virtue

    For teaching us that all guns are loaded

    Happy father’s day Dad we miss you dearly.
    Folks ask why I carry two guns...Well if I did not I'd be off balance and walk in circles!

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    Thanks dad for raising me right, with morals, guns, fishing, hunting and respecting the flag and your and my love for America, been gone 20 years and still miss you and mom, but know your together. Love Ya.

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    Thanks for kicking my ass, making me do for myself. Thanks for teaching me that no one owes me anything and that getting your ass kicked isn't the worst thing that can happen - the worst is when you sit there and let it happen. Thanks for teaching me it is better to risk dying on your feet than find security on your knees - even in your own family. Thanks for teaching me that there are things worth fighting for - even when we stood toe-to-toe throwing punches at each other. Thanks for teaching me to fight to survive, that there is **** no one should accept. I never respected you or liked you - still don't and hope you burn in hell - but appreciate the lessons I learned from our time together.
    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    thanks for disowning me after i joined the army. you taught me how to be a man through the neglect, abuse and general douchebaggery you exhibit on any given day. i just do the opposite of what you taught me.

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