jealous wife throws lady off a cliff
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Thread: jealous wife throws lady off a cliff

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    jealous wife throws lady off a cliff

    All I got to say about this is.....

    Crime of Passion: Watch What Happens When a Very Angry Wife Finds Her Husband With Another Woman | Video |

    I bet he never flirts in front of her again.

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    Wait a minute. Am I missing something? Bill and Hillary and the entire Democratic establishment told us that adultery was a personal problem between a husband and a wife. Now this video is saying that spouses will actually kill a person that engages in adulterous behavior with their respective spouse!!! What's next, some people will actually kill their adulterous spouse? WTF!!! Did Hillary and all those others lie to us? Does adulterous behavior actually affect people other than the husband and wife? Does it actually affect the children too? Does it actually affect the children of the dead adulerers in the other family? OMG...does adultery actual cause harm to a community and society as a whole? I think what I missed is that murder is only a personal problem between the murderer and the victim! Perjury is a personal problem only between the liar and the one being lied to! Oh crap...Bill, Hillary, and the entire Democratic establishment lied to all of us! I know what is next!!! Someone on this forum will call me out for bringing adultery down the the level of religion. How dare I!!! Keep your religion out of our bedrooms. We have a right to kill without you throwing out that "10 Commandments" crap!!

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    Who's Cliff?????

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