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    Life Tips Nice to know Info

    Life Tips Nice to know Info
    If the disk is skipping, rub a banana over it to seal the scratches and keep the DVD playing. Remember to wipe it off before you stick it back in.
    Rub a walnut on scratches in your favorite wood furniture pieces to make those blemishes disappear.
    Whenever possible, print in Times New Roman. You'll get 100 more pages out of a cartridge than you will printing in heavier fonts like Arial or Verdana.
    Pop a couple of olives in your mouth if you start to feel the effects of motion sickness. They have tannins that dry up the saliva that makes you feel like you're going to heave.
    Put a dryer sheet in your pocket next time you go hiking or camping. It will keep the mosquitoes away from you.
    Put bread and cheese in the toaster sideways. It makes a DIY toaster oven that makes great, crunchy grilled cheese sandwiches.
    Place a muffin tin liner on the bottom of your popsicle. It will catch the drips and keep your fingers from getting sticky.
    Accidentally wrote on the white board with permanent marker? Scribble over it with dry erase marker and it will erase right off.
    Work in a shady area? The cops recommend keeping a can of wasp spray on your desk. It will deter would-be attackers from up to 20 feet away and won't blind everyone else in the room too. Can also be useful to keep a can in your car to ward off a criminal.
    Before you leave for work or class, unplug everything. Even when electronic devices are off they suck up energy. Pulling the plug can cut up to 10% off of your energy bill.
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    Very nice, I hope some more folks pitch in.

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    Instead of a banana, try a yellow highlighter. Works for cd's as well as dvd's. Won't fix deep scratches but if the disk has some light scuffs that normally cause the player to stutter the highlighter trick should work. After you apply the first coat let it dry then repeat. It has been reported the green highlighters work well too but the yellow ones work for me.
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