Obama's Girls: Teens Being Teens or Ungrateful?
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Thread: Obama's Girls: Teens Being Teens or Ungrateful?

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    Obama's Girls: Teens Being Teens or Ungrateful?

    These kids are just like the millions of generational welfare idiots out there, what they get for free they can't / don't appreciate it, just a couple of spoiled brats who think they are special and entitled.

    Gateway Pundit published a controversial article about the Obama daughters. His contention was that the taxpayers were spending a ton of money to send the Obamas to Ireland and that the daughters were rude and ungrateful. She showed a video of them bored and another picture of them horsing around.

    Are they just teens being teens? Are they ungrateful? Is this indicative of being raised poorly? Though I believe they take after their mother's entitled attitude, I wouldn't worry about this too much as they are just teens.

    Watch them in action:

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    They are teens. Are your teen years so far in the past you don't remember your antics as a teen?
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    Obama's Girls: Teens Being Teens or Ungrateful?

    I don't even need to watch it. I am certain this isn't an angle that should be taken to discredit the President's ability to govern.

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