Rainy 4th here today.
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Thread: Rainy 4th here today.

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    Rainy 4th here today.

    Raining just about all morning here, glad I am having to work today. Hope the rain moves on before the start of the fireworks show tonight.
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    Dang. Sorry to hear that. Hope it clears up. An Independence day without fireworks is my worst nightmare.

  4. Last night was a fireworks extravaganza! I live near Loch Lomond here in Arkansas, and every year at the dam, they have a huge fireworks display that never disappoints! I'm going to an outdoor orchestra concert this evening, and the orchestra performance is always good!

    It's good to see these icons of Patriotism and Liberty still abound, in the wake of our anti American administration, trying its best to eradicate everything America stands for.

    I'm proud to be a Patriot. Proud to be an American. Proud of my beliefs, and I'll be damned if I'll sit quietly by, while the destruction of America continues.

    Happy 4th to everyone celebrating this nation's Independence!

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    I'm molding we have had so much rain. 3" since noon today, and over 9" so far this month.

    And a one of my big oak trees fell, taking out our power, so sitting in dark, listening to scanner and posting from my phone.

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