18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense
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Thread: 18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense

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    18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense

    Whether itís backup for a jammed firearm or your only tool for self defense, a knife can make all the difference in an emergency. The smaller, discrete folding blades in this post can be tucked in your pocket as an everyday carry item for utility and defense. And, a few of the bigger folders are designed to be strong enough to fight with and big enough to intimidate the bad guys. Donít get caught empty handed and find out which knife is right for you.

    18. Buck Bones

    This sleek, dark frame-lock knife is lightweight and medium-sized. While the coating looks like it could be a little slick to the touch, the curved handle on the Bones folder is designed with three grip areas at critical pressure points for a secure hold. The skeletal frame with an integrated frame lock keeps the weight of the knife, and the number of parts, at a minimum, leaving you a functional tactical folder that weighs only 4.4 ounces. It features dual thumb studs for ambidextrous, one-handed opening. The 3-inch blade is 420HC stainless steel with a tanto point and partial serrations. The black oxide coating protects the knife from rust and corrosion. Itís made in China. MSRP: $40.

    Read more: 18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense - Patriot Outdoor News - Patriot Outdoor News
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  3. He lists some good tools but he has no idea what makes a weapon. He Lists some famous knife designers. They can design some pretty and some interesting blades.

    He doesn't talk at all about knife design that does the most damage. He doesn't get input from expert knife fighters.

    Mike Janich is an internationally known knife fighting instructor. He teaches knife fighting to military, law enforcement, and civilians all over the world. He designs knives for fighting purposes.
    His latest designs are based on a design called a wharncliff blade. It is similar in shape to a normal utility knife or box cutter. The long flat blade edge cuts flesh over a wider area than a blade with a curve or a corner. The blade rising from the point forces the blade deeper into the cut when stabbing. Yes the sharp point is not as tough as a lot of the tools in the list of 18 above but the point is more than tough enough to enter and deeply cut into flesh.
    Here is the best self defense folder available today. The Blackhawk Be-Wharned. I carry another knife for daily tasks that require a knife. I carry the Be-Wharned for just one purpose. I hope I never have to use it in anger. BLACKHAWK! Be-Wharned - BLACKHAWK!

  4. No thanks. I'll stick with my Enlan EL-01. 15 bucks shipped from China.

    18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense-enlanel-01.jpg

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    18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense

    My daily carry knife depends on my mood and what I'm going to be doing with it. I either carry a CRKT M16, or a Kershaw Blur, or a SOG Twitch 2, or my Benchmade. All quality blades that have never let me down.
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    The best fighting knife is the same as the best defensive firearm... the one that happens to be on you at the time. Just like a firearm, keep your knife always at the ready. This means always keeping it clean, oiled where it needs to be, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, sharp!! A dull knife is like an empty firearm, fairly useless.

    We should be always vigilant to know how to use the tools that we equip ourselves with. A list of the "best" to me is fairly comical. Just think of how much forum space has been devoted to the best firearm. If there were one truly best of any of these items, there wouldn't be so many of them around. Select the tool that does the job for you, train well with that tool, and keep that tool in good working order.
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  7. Don't know what was so hard about posting the original link: Tactical Knives: 18 Best Folding Knives for Self Defense | Outdoor Life Survival

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    I've been collecting knives for many years. Mostly knives that are designed for utility, though a few here and there that their designers claim are "best" suited as a weapon. My #1 consideration when buying a knife is the steel the blade is made out of. I looked through the list of "best" self defense knives, and maybe one or two of them qualify as anything that would interest me. I wouldn't give a dime for any blade made out of 400 series stainless, nor for anything made out of AUS-4. AUS-8, maybe I'd give a dime for, but not much more. The Japanese and Taiwanese both make good steels, but they were not represented in that list. I never buy Gerber anymore for reasons I'd be happy to explain if asked, and though I own a couple or three older CRKT models, I wouldn't buy new ones for the same reasons, in both cases having to do with those companies going from decent steels to sub-par steels to cut costs. Well, you get what you pay for, and the overwhelming majority of knives on that list, if you bought 'em, you'd be paying for junk. The exceptions that I noticed were the Ontario XM-1 (N690Co Austrian steel) and the Cold Steel Hold Out III, not for the steel in that case (AUS-8A), but for the blade shape and the Triad locking system.

    All that said, I've seen these "best blank for self defense" lists since I got on the web in like '97 or so, and c'mon guys, "best" is so relative to individual tastes, variables such as steels, manufacturing and heat-treating processes, handle materials, liner materials, locking systems etc. etc. etc. endlessly. Think about this: If the author(s) of that list are claiming those are the best knives specifically for self defense, how on Earth do they come up with at least five different blade shapes? From tanto to Wharncliff to karambit to spear-point to stiletto, if they're all the "best" then what makes them so? If one particular blade shape doesn't make a knife the "best" for self defense, and cheapo blade steels don't matter either, what makes any of those knives the "best" for anything? Except for that Ontario XM-1, I guess it's only being under $100 bucks, and in most cases, under $50.

    Lastly, think about this: Since the advent of repeating handguns, how useful is a knife for fighting anyway? If it wouldn't make some of y'all lose your lunch, I'd post up some pictures of just how survivable severe knife wounds are. If you're a trained knife fighter and can target your stabs into vital organs on a consistent basis, then yeah, it's a good defense weapon. But if all you know how to do is slash and stab with no sense of targeting organs or muscles and tendons that will stop your attacker in his tracks, then he can likely survive any cuts or stabs you manage to get through his defenses. A folding pocket knife is a terrible defensive weapon in untrained hands, and most of the ones on that "best of" list are some of the worst.

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  9. Yeah, those are some nice knife but I would rather buy America made.

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