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  • Zimmerman is telling the truth.

    15 62.50%
  • Sybrina Fulton is telling the truth.

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  • Sybrina Fulton is dazed & confused, she does not really know who's voice it was.

    5 20.83%
  • I could care less.

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Thread: Did Trayvon Martin's Mother 'Lie' Under Oath?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kramer1113 View Post
    Most everyone who is associated with Mr. Martin wanted this to be about the color of his skin... Until the testimony of Travons friend who was on the phone with him.

    The Term Creepy Cracker changed the dynamic of that argument.
    Correction...."Creepy A_$$ Cracker" was the term that was used.
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    Crack me up about the PF9. I have one too. George HAD to know it was gonna hurt to pull the trigger whether he hit or missed....and he had to know it had a high chance of not even firing. Musta been big stuff to get him to risk using the PF9 for anything other than hitting the kid with it. Hope the defense brings up what a junker gun the PF9 is and how George must have been desperate to deploy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezkl2230 View Post
    Only one problem with your theory - Zimmerman actually passed a lie detector test. May not be admissible in court, but speaks to his credibility - which is also part of the reason why the officer who testified said he believed Zimmerman's account of the story. Pictures - Sanford police documents including George Zimmerman lie detector test results - Miami criminal justice | Examiner.com
    Habitual liars usually don't have a problem passing a lie detector test, that's why they are not allowed as evidence in court.

    I have used the alias "John Fleming" for over 30 years and I can and have taken a lie detector test and said "Yes" if my name was John Fleming and I received a positive result ( means the machine and examiner believed I was telling the truth.) plus I use my Dad's birth month and date but my year for my alias birthdate. Same positive results.

    Heck, I'm sure most divorced men would say their ex could pass a lie detector test with flying colors as long as she was never asked a truthful question, I know mine could.

    Passing a lie detector test is NOT admissible in court. Neither are visions from Miss Clare.


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    It is a what do you believe question by the "State" any answer by anyone is biased. The question go to who do you find more crediable. It requires an answer that cannot be answered in a truely honest way. Both mother's are defending their young. One is greiving her loss and the other is defending her still alive cub. It calls for opinions. I did not answer the poll for these reasons.
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