Letter written and given to us by a French lady. Translated by the Americans against Obama admin team.
This letter is not for the sensitive or for fragile ears. I will not mince my words.
I will speak the truth. I will be direct. And you will probably call me a racist. BUT I DONíT GIVE A DAMN!!
It is time for someone to say what all others think.
This message is for the Islamic community.
I am an atheist and I personally donít piss people off with this. It is not because I do not believe in god that I must place my values that were taught to me to one side.
You leave your lands because of dictatorship, war, violence, death, hate that you alone installed and enforced.
You come to settle in our lands, to escape all of your misery and live happily in sanctuary of what you escaped.
But you have just one thought in mind, is to import all of your **** to our lands.
We give you all that you need to help you settle and integrate in our lands.
We give you a roof over your head, money, Social security, free schooling, we teach you our language, we give you all the best of our heritage has to offer, free studies, all to facilitate your integration into the labour market.
All I hear from you, it is not ENOUGH for you!
But it is me that tells you, it is NOW ENOUGH!!!
Enough of trying to change our traditions and customs.
Enough erosion of our values.
Enough of trying to change our liberties because it does not fit with your religious ideology.
Enough of calling us racist because we do not like your ways.
Why are you here to change the fabric of my country, when you failed to change the way of the lands you fled?
It is us that have shown you hospitality and now it is up to you to conform to our traditions and our customs.
When foreigners is in your lands they have to conform to your traditions, your customs and if they donít they are in grave danger to be executed in your savage lands.
And you expect us to say nothing when you try to change us.
Return to your savage lands if our traditions and our ways offend you.
You are pissing us off in wanting to change us, when you had little freedom do to so where you come from.
Who are the true racists? You, the Muslims!!
A racist is someone that does not like someone of another nationality.
Donít try and reverse the role.
Put your Burka in the bin, your faith doesnít even ask for it.
Stop your primitive desires!
Stop your permanent sense of being the victim.
Like us or leave our lands!
Millions of men and women died in Europe to give us freedom, liberty and democracy.
Respect this.
And to all Non Muslims, I have had the courage to say what I thought. Now fight like your ancestors did to defend your freedoms.