Trojan virus on this site?
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Thread: Trojan virus on this site?

  1. Trojan virus on this site?

    While visiting this site the last couple days, both of my anti-virus protection programs are catching a trojan virus attempting to download. Just wanted to make the site owners and everyone in here aware. If you don't have a program to prevent this from installing on your computer, I suggest you get one and run it.

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    I have gotten a few pop-ups from my anti-virus as well.

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    Same here, not on every post but several over the past 4 days.

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    Get a Mac... :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    Get a Mac... :)
    That's why I only use the iTouch for this stuff!

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  7. Sounds like one of the antis got their panties in a wad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    Get a Mac... :)
    I has nothing to do with what operating system you use in this case. The OP did not say which he was using but I hate to say that this site, just like other social websites, often track their users. If you are using Firefox you can download a plugin that blocks site tracking. I use a plugin for Firefox call DNTMe which stands for DoNotTrackMe. I just opened it and I am currently blocking 3 social media websites and 10 others listed as company websites. If you have or use Firefox the plugin is free but I don't know if it will work for IE or any of the others since I only use Firefox. In case of the OP, it is possible that your virus software has detected the tracking efforts and tired to warn you. You could also adjust your browser to refuse cookies.

    For those of you that use Firefox, here is the link....
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    I use the Ghostery plug-in for Firefox. It also blocks trackers, advertising, widgets, analytics, and beacons, whatever that is. I haven't had my anti-virus alert on any of these pages. It tells you what all it blocks and some web sites have about a dozen things that get blocked. There are a few sites that don't work right if everything is blocked and I don't block analytics or widgets so I don't have any problems with it.

  10. Most likely case is OP has a rootkit that isn't being seen by his current AV products. That rootkit is sitting in the background doing things unnoticed. Get Malwarebytes AntiRootkit and scan. Also try HitMan Pro. Both free to use. Hitman is free for 1 month but requires no information.

    I clean at least 1 PC a week infected with ZeroAccess rootkit. It does the same things you described.

    If your PC is actually clean, next most likely scenario is one of the advertisers is pushing off its work to a third party and junk is coming from there, not

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    I do all my email and internet connections on either my Linux computer, Solaris computer, or my FreeBSD server.
    Also, using Firefox with pertinent plugins.
    I have one Windows computer that is needed to run some software, it is not hooked to the internet.

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