Soccer Referee 'Beheaded', His Head 'Placed On Stake' & Midfield....WTH??
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Thread: Soccer Referee 'Beheaded', His Head 'Placed On Stake' & Midfield....WTH??

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    Arrow Soccer Referee 'Beheaded', His Head 'Placed On Stake' & Midfield....WTH??

    A soccer referee was literally beheaded and then his head was displayed atop a wooden stake at midfield after a match erupted in violence in Brazil. The bloody brouhaha began when the match’s referee, Otávio Jordan da Silva de Catanhede, became embroiled in an argument with a player, Linda dos Santos Abreu, over a disputed call during a game in the town of Pius XII.

    Brazil soccer referee killed during match; his head displayed on stake midfield | Fox News
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  3. Well all it takes to play soccer is two very bored people and a severed head. At least that action managed to make a soccer game interesting. Hence, my kids play hockey and baseball.

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    Sports fans, cheering for a "for profit" company to beat another "for profit" company.

    Then when a televised game is over, they have to spend another 10 minutes explaining who won to the sports fans.

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