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Not only is our southern border inadequately secured, if I remember correctly the terrorists who committed the tragedies on September 11th came in from Canada.

My preferred method is to use a trebuchet or catapult and launch them back if they get in illegally. Not sure if that is politically correct, but I'm sure we could make it a show, sell tickets, and use the money to reinforce our borders.
Most of the 9-11 terrorist were here on student visas.

We don't need to deport any of the illegals.

All we need to do is make it a Fed. Felony to:

1.) Employ them. Employ an illegal go to Gitmo. Do NOT pass Go, do NOT collect $200.00. ( This would be done at the CEO/owner level. )

2.) Do NOT rent to illegals. Rent to an illegal go to the nearest Fed Prison.

3.) Do Not provide services to illegals. See above penalty.

4.) No DL, food stamps, welfare of any kind, etc.

If we do thes things than ALL the illegals would leave in a massive stampede to the Border without costing the taxpayers a dime.

Problem is this will never happen.

Why? The GOP thinks/believes that the only way they can win the WH is with the Latino/illegal vote ( which is true ) so they are willing to do whatever the can to make the illegals legal so they will vote for the GOP.

It ain't gonna happen.

Vote I mean. The illegals could give a chihuahua's butt less about voting.

Heck, in 2012 less than half of the US born Citizens voted.

Take away their jobs, homes, cars, and welfare and they'll go home.

Then nuke the border with a narrow band of radioactive material.

Pretty simple.