Hate crime violence by Muslims on upswing in Michigan
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Thread: Hate crime violence by Muslims on upswing in Michigan

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    Hate crime violence by Muslims on upswing in Michigan

    By: wjmurray

    At the end of a football game between two private schools in Dearborn, Michigan, four Muslim football players rushed a Christian quarterback, knocked off his helmet and beat him unconscious.

    Although this occurred in October of last year, the media kept a tight lid on the story until the district attorney’s office was finally forced to file minor charges against the four Muslims involved. There is no mistake that the attack was deliberate. The Lutheran Westland team was beating the Star International Academy which is all Muslim, by a score of 47 to 6 at the end of the fourth quarter. It was the last minute of the game and Lutheran’s quarterback was going to “take a knee” and run out the clock. Knowing this, the referee had told both teams that there could be “no contact” on the play. As the Lutheran quarterback kneeled with the ball the Muslims busted through the unprepared defensive line and beat him after taking off his helmet.

    Parents of the victim had to push for months for charges to be filed despite the fact that the entire attack was captured on video. Islamic groups are now claiming that the minor charges filed against the four Muslim players are “racist.”

    Dearborn is now majority Muslim and the Muslim children are taught they are superior to infidels in all things and that violence against infidels is always justified by the Qur’an. This attack on Christians in the majority Islamic part of Michigan is not unusual. It is also not unusual for authorities to refuse to file charges against Muslims who commit acts of violence against Christians and Jews. The Justice Department is aware of hate crimes such as this one perpetrated by Muslims in Dearborn, but refuses to act.

    In my capacity as the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition over a period of thirty years I watched this play out in Bethlehem, as that town went from a Christian majority under Israeli control to a Muslim majority under the Palestinian Authority. In 1982 when I first visited Bethlehem, Christian women could walk on the streets without a veil, and even Muslim women could wear make-up. In 2006 a business friend of mine, a man, was kidnapped on the streets and beaten to death. Christians are no longer safe in Bethlehem. Thirty years ago I would drive a rented car with Israeli license plates into Bethlehem by myself. On my visits now, I walk across the line and use a car with Palestinian plates, and make sure there are other men with me.

    Dearborn, Michigan is headed in the same direction as Bethlehem, as this incident foreshadows. Mosques in Dearborn openly promote violent Jihad, and what is taught in Muslim schools there is often against American laws. Meanwhile the Obama Administration promotes the overthrow of secular governments in the Middle East and the establishment of even more Islamic states. Obama has opened up the floodgates to Muslim “refugees,” settling many of them in the Bible Belt. The goal of course is to erode evangelical Christian influence in key southern states. Soon other areas beside Dearborn will exist in the United States in which Muslims believe they have the freedom to physically attack those they consider infidels.
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    If it had been done to a Muslim by a bunch of Christians, it would have been prosecuted as a hate crime.

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    Let them try that crap in Texas! We don't put up with any of that from ANY group. We're a bunch of Rednecks, even the imports from Detroit, like myself. Everyone I know is armed, and we stand our ground. I remember Dearborn and the deterioration rendered by the radical muslim fringe. They all aren't like that, and being armed I have no fear walking through Dearborn. Dearborn is not that big and the surrounding communities way out number the muslim community. Why didn't the team beat the hell out of them. I played football in high school, and once in Lincoln Park we had a major battle between teams. I don't understand where his team mates were while these 4 idiots were pounding him?

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    Hmmmm...was the qb talkin trash? Maybe he should be charged as well.

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