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    Same as always. Wait to see. Have back up generator, have enough fuel to run it for a qood time frame. Dogs are my alarm. Your scenerio stated just got in vehicle at home, so stay there with family.
    If it is bad, head to the place even further in the woods. Can get there in just over a tank of fuel in the 4X4, always have spare cans of gas at house, so that is easy. Over 20 Miles from the 'city' so far enough looters will not be a major concern.
    Have food, water, shelter, fireplace and backup heat plans.

    Had all this when we had the multi-day blackout back in '03. Our area was out for about 4 days, plans worked well then, should work again.

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    This reminds me I should be watching "Doomsday Preppers" or "Day After Tomorrow"

    If the world fell into an apocalypse situation, I honestly doubt there would be much around left worth living for. These are fascinating to watch, and I appreciate learning about the survival aspects, it would not be a game it would be the difference of life and death with the odds stacked against the survivors. Cutthroat Darwinism at its finest indeed.
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    Alicia, just think of all the free beer you can drink after 70% of the population dies!!!
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    I'd probably be a "wait and see what's happening" person too. Response really does depend on what exactly is going on. One thing I could do though, is check through everything and get stuff ready to pack. Not that it'd matter in the case of an asteroid or Yellowstone exploding, but just in case.
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