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    Reading the news online

    What website do yall use to get your news? I'm just curious because besides The Blaze, and getting a few chuckles from the slant and comments at the Huffington Post, I haven't found a steady source of news.

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    I use Google's own news app and Flipboard, plus I subscribe to the tweets of Fox News and Breaking News.

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    Usually read through some news on Fox during lunch.

    Some radio to and from work and a few minutes of local news on TV in the mornings.

    Not much really... Maybe a total of an hour per work day including 45 minute lunch.
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    My first source is The Drudge Report, then The Blaze and Fox News. I also subscribe to a number of places on twitter to keep up on the news on guns and such. I really do not read, listen or do not pay attention to any to any of the liberal mouth pieces. I did at one time but I found I can no longer tolerant stupidity! If that makes me closed minded then so be it!

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    There's more truth to my sweaty coin purse than most of what the Blaze reports. When I want news I look out my window to see my Frenchie overweight neighbor donning a goddam speedo between his meaty thighs. That's 'Merica. That's my news.

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  7. Wow, this explains a lot about the people on this site. Thanks for the insight.

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    Fox news, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, Gun Rights Examiner, Little Rock Gun Rights Examiner.and News that others here cite too.
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    I think the consensus here is that we all get our news from a variety of different sources. Me, I have a desktop news feed that gathers headlines from all over the internet. If anything interests me, I either click on it or look it up on Google, Yahoo, AP, or Reuters. Plus Facebook. I get all the important news on there too. I get posts from a lot of right wing, obama haters, and 2nd Amendment rights groups, including this one.

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    2,004 has a news link in the header that covers local and national news. Our local news paper has an online version that I hit. The Blaze is entertaining along with HufPo.
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