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In 75 years or less you'll have your proof. Be patient.
Unless you believe in virgin birth and zombies rising from the dead you do not need to wait. Funny the same people who think there is a god and jesus ( not the ones form Mexico ) are real also discount all other things like UFO's how do you know god ain't got a pimped out ride maybe jesus ( not the ones form Mexico ) and moses are not out cruising? What about dinosaurs? Why do so many believers swear they are not real or that they are within the utterly ridiculous timeline in the bible?? When I lived in MD jesus used to mow our lawn the lady next door would not hire him because she swore only a child of satan would have such a name ( except for the zombi guy she believed in of course ). In the end it boils down to reality. Remember all the scientists the church locked up or killed because it was so clear that rational thought and science could so easily show the fabrications that make up their belief system. Magellan and Da Vinci suffered this..