Malicious Fecal Distribution
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Thread: Malicious Fecal Distribution

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    Malicious Fecal Distribution

    It takes all kinds.

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    It showed a blurred pic of her poop. Amazing news story. I feel bad for her shorts the most.

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    IDK given that folks run through here dump a loaf and leave all the time I don't see how you would be surprised
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    She doesn't wipe. That's disgusting.

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    Not surprised, we have a jerk in the WH spewing fecal matter from his oral orifice. He doesn't wipe either. Just spews more.
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    Malicious Fecal Distribution

    This guy is really so afraid of this woman he had his ID concealed? That's funny.. We're I in his shoes I'd be waiting outside for her the next Saturday with a roll of toilet paper. If that doesn't embarrass her enough to move her bowels somewhere else, the next week ill be waiting with the Police and a roll of toilet paper!
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