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Thread: What does Justice For Trayvon Look Like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    ge, as you know I live in northwest Arkansas. All races here (this is a racially and culturally diverse area of Arkansas) get along fine, except for some (few) skirmishes with the criminal gang element making its way into our area, and disrupting what they may.

    I have seen no protests here because of the verdict. I'm glad of that, because it shows me I made the right choice in an area to retire. It also shows the collective intellect of the citizens of the area. We don't suffer metropolitan atrocities as much as big cities do. I know some of it goes on, but it is very isolated. The tri-cities do harbor an exploding population growth, and sometimes traffic is a nightmare, but nothing like any metro areas I have lived.

    You've said you want to retire to Eureka Springs. That was part of my motorcycle run, when I could still ride, for years. My wife and I shopped downtown for many years, but we haven't done so recently. Please PM me for information about Eureka, if you like. Here is a shameful plug, and how I got my username. It is the last bike I owned, the Yamaha R1, before medical issues set-in, and I had to give it up. I was 56 in that mug shot.

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    Nice ride! Back in '72 I bought a Kawa 750 and rode it for 3 years, winter and summer. The only two seasons in Dallas, Texas! lol Haven't rode a bike since I was 36 and blew my back and neck out on the job. In '72 doing a 1/4 mile in 12.7 seconds was a real trip. Really miss riding!
    When the Mrs retires in 4 years we plan on selling the old tow-able camper and buying a 40' motor-home and living full time on the road and state parks until we're too old to enjoy it anymore. Northern AR and the Ozarks are going to be our first romp. Then wherever our fancy leads us! Thinking about shooting competitions (IDPA) and cowboy shooting outing in the southwest. We do have some big plans!
    Providing the government don't crumble and the creek don't rise!
    Sorry for hijacking the thread.
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    The real question isn't what justice for Trayvon looks like... the real question is...

    How many vultures can successfully ride the Trayvon bandwagon to fame and fortune... and/or use the Trayvon wagon to push their social agendas?

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