Deputy suspended for bringing Skittle's & Iced Tea to work.
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Thread: Deputy suspended for bringing Skittle's & Iced Tea to work.

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    Arrow Deputy suspended for bringing Skittle's & Iced Tea to work.

    On Thursday, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department suspended Corporal Chris Wood for bringing a can of Arizona Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles to work at the Brevard County Jail on Saturday morning. He said that he was trying to send a message about the importance of keeping personal predilections about cases from affecting the work environment; instead, his superiors suspended him.

    Sheriff's Deputy Suspended, Given Sensitivity Training for Bringing Skittles, Iced Tea to Work
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    If they are not supplying the food, how can they complain about what ANYONE chooses. We had an allergy to shell fish person in our department so we restricted everyone from bringing in 'shell fish' related foods. But that was announced and in advance.


  4. I'm curious. What exactly is sensitivity training? Is it an admonishment to stay detached, and in no way visible or supporting or criticizing volatile and divisive events, either by vocal or other (skittles and tea) means. That was a mouthful, sorry.

    All my LEO buds are careful to stay away from political or religious, or duty conversation, off the clock. In a way, I may understand being held to a much higher standard of conduct, even off duty. It goes with the territory, I suppose.

    Having said that, I could understand those items brought to work in poor taste to some, no matter the intent. He looks like a nice enough guy, probably a hoot to be around, so hopefully he may get back into the grind soon enough.

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    Deputy suspended for bringing Skittle's & Iced Tea to work.

    Maybe he was just hungry?
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    Arizona Iced Tea is a bargain priced soft drink and rather popular. Skittles is a popular candy. Can a person not buy and have what s/he likes to drink and what type of snack s/he likes to eat now? Has AIT + Skittles become the new swastika?
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  7. Guess what will be sitting on my desk everyday, a fresh can and bag of what is now deemed as the politically incorrect combination! And I'm diabetic!

    Is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon used for the decision matrix of some lunatics idea of what is to be construed as politically correct?
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    I suspect that had this guy kept his mouth shut we wouldn't be having this discussion
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    I believe my hunger can only be quenched by Skittles and I need an Arizona iced tea to wash it down. I don't have a cough so I'll leave the cough syrup in the medicine cabinet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    I'm curious. What exactly is sensitivity training?
    Really, it's just a synonym-phrase for "political correctness indoctrination." Kinda like K-12 "education" these days, only you wear your regular work attire, in this case, a uniform, badge, cuffs, nightstick and giant super-soaker can of pepper spray in the jail.
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